Dirty business. Come listen to the FULL version of this track about passion, cheating (or not?!) and love of course! In the gritty electric version I plays me a real noice solooo!! Getchur tickets HERE:

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Stairway to Hedon was een leuk feestje!! Sfeervolle plek in de Gashouder Dedemsvaart, en heel gezellige mede-muzikanten ontmoet. Bedankt Zuna, Bards of Valor en heel veel succes Tim Kamphuis in de finale!

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Get to try a couple of new songs tomorrow @stairwaytohedon competition in Dedemsvaart! So excited to be bringing TWO new tracks in a unique location! Stay tuned for pics and more good stuff from Siberia. And don’t forget your tickets to our EP release..

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King of Everything

#2: King of Everything! Listen, enjoy, share&tell your mates! It’s in ALL major streaming platforms! Also, get your tickets to our show here:

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We zijn trots en blij te kunnen melden dat Kay Geurts jullie met zijn prachtige stem zal komen opwarmen als onze support in Luxor! Nóg een goede reden om een kaartje te kopen en te genieten van een mooie muziek..

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Stairway to Hedon… Here we come! Come see us rock Dec. 7th in the Gashouder Dedemsvaart.

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And neither can we!!! 30/11 is the release date for our 2nd track King of Everything! It will be available on all streaming platforms!

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The King is coming….. 30/11

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Too proud not to share! Come and watch our guitarstar add new meaning to ‘Punches’ in her 1st ever real kickboxing match!! FSCA – Fight Strength Conditioning Academy kerstgala!

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Officiële posters opgehaald! Don’t forget to buy your tickets here before they’re gone!

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Waarheid! Als je niet komt krijg je klapjes! 🥊

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Siberia - Punches

And of course the YouTube link!

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Punches-the video! Let us know what you think!

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Check out “Punches” on YouTube too! Enjoy!

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After months of hard work and countless tweaks and edits…our debut single “Punches” is now available on all streaming platforms!!! Spotify iTunes Store Deezer YouTube And every other place you can think of…. Listen to us and the come see us play our..

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Exciting times for our band!! And let’s ALL remember to get tickets to our show here:

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Sometimes making new music is hard work! :

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Everybody…. Meet PUNCHES! Punches, meet…. EVERYBODY!!

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Photos from SIBERIA's post

Road trip to Luxor Live… Checking out our venue for EP release December 30th. Can’t wait to play with the big boys! Luxor has such a great lineup the coming months so we’re really pumped to be a small part of a big thing!

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SO proud to present our EP release! Y’all better come and see us 30/12! With a HUGE special thanks to Michelle de Jezus and Cor Verdouw for making the art possible!

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still working hard on our promoplan for our EP release…taking lots of photos, making new artwork for the single and making big plans!!!!

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's cover photo

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Vrijdagavond 28 september zijn we te gast bij het radioprogramma “muziekexpress” op Aladna FM! Dus check 107.2 FM vanaf 20u voor yours truly!

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Photos from SIBERIA's post

Big thanks to everyone who came out to make our party POP! We had a great time and hope to see you soon 🙂

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